A warm Welcome to the Vikram Sarabhai School (VSS)

The codes of a good education do not change but for a few essential components that differentiate great schools from good ones. At Vikram Sarabhai School, we remain committed to encouraging our students to do and give their best; to discover what it is they are good at and what they could improve on, and to learn how to value the contributions of others whilst allowing their own to be appropriately valued too.

Our caring and committed educators encourage high aspirations, challenge our students and support them as they learn and grow into confident individuals.

Our students learn through personalised practice and experience - supported by globally accepted teaching practices, innovative resources & learning spaces and platforms that provide an international experience. It is this potent mix that makes VSS ‘Globally Indian’.

Key attributes that underpin VSS Academics include:

  • Nurturing inquiry at every level of the learning process
  • Translating STEAM* from theory to application through hands-on innovation
  • Integrating physical education and emotional intelligence into school life
  • Building academic programs based on integrity, community wellbeing & tolerance
  • Ensuring appreciation of global perspectives through well-researched academics

VSS thus is your child's pathway to a wide spectrum of Science & Art education along with a strong emphasis on Sports & Co-curricular activities, in an environment rooted with strong INDIAN VALUES. We place immense importance upon communication, along with personal, social and emotional development; as these are integrated into every step of the learning and teaching process.

VSS shall be open to girls and boys aged 6-18, from across the country & abroad.

An entity of The Vikram Sarabhai Science Foundation, VSS is the embodiment of the vision of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, with the critical agenda to provide quality Science education for a scientifically enriched posterity & mentored by his associate and the current Chairman of Vikram Sarabhai Science Foundation & School, Dr. G Madhavan Nair.

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