Academic Programs

VSS is split into 4 grades, each headed by individual Grade Heads, accountable for monitoring academic & co-curricular progress of students.

Junior school (Grades I – V): Our goal is to meet each student where they are, to ensure that all are challenged and supported to achieve more than they thought possible. We tap into children’s love for learning and strengthen their confidence and self-esteem.

The multi-disciplinary Junior Program provides connections among various curricular disciplines, where every student with a broader scholastic perspective has the option to choose between an International Curriculum or remain with the CISCE board, from Middle school onwards.

Middle School (Grade VI to VIII): We strive to build a strong foundation by providing a wide range of activities / subject experience, refining / building upon their learned knowledge and skills on a regular basis, to ensure a smooth and confident transition for Middle School students into High school.

The academic curriculum for both Junior School & Middle School are developed by our experts in the Think Tank, SEAD Team & Teachers that are aligned with international benchmarks.

High School (Grade IX to X): We offer a broad, diverse & stimulating activity planner, STEAM programs to aid student in discovering their true interests & a well-rounded education that prepares them academically, mentally, emotionally, and socially for an effortless transition into Senior School. Our goal-driven career counselling guidance helps both children and parents progress seamlessly, ensuring that subject choices are well-informed and completely personalized.

Senior School (Grade XI to XII): We facilitate the crystallization of student aspirations, equipping them with the appropriate Knowledge, Skills & Attitude to pursue their goals. Our groups offer flexible pathways to diverse careers. Students follow a rigorous schedule and expectations of success are high.

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