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VSS is an independent institution that offers a Comprehensive & Innovative Educational Program integrated with a PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM to instill global attributes and a distinct *STEAM syllabus to foster Science & Arts learning. Our program shall be a blend of CISCE & INTERNATIONAL curriculums, that facilitate Inquiry and purposeful learning.

(*STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics,*CISCE – Council of Indian School Certification Examinations)

Integrated CISCE & International Curriculum:  

Our cohesive learning program anchored in the SPIRIT OF INQUIRY is an amalgam of content, activities & best practices of national and international curriculums, that emphasize on holistic child development. The curriculum focuses on a wide array of concepts with a well-structured syllabus that enables your child to become an empowered social being and where the student can seamlessly blend either into an International curriculum or remain with the Indian board, from Middle school onwards.

STEAM Program:

Our STEAM programs are driven to achieve two facets: STEAM educational attainment from Junior through Senior school and Academic readiness to a prospective career choice. We provide hands-on educational experiences that empower students, igniting their creativity to find innovative solutions. Apart from Life, Physical & Earth Sciences, our Innovation Lab programs on offer include STEAM, Robotics, AI, Coding, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Design Thinking.

Our weekend STEAM league is all about providing opportunities for students to apply their STEAM education to real-world problems and explore STEAM in ways that relate to their own lives & communities.

Performance Development Program:

Our goal is to meet each student where they are, to ensure that all are challenged, supported & enabled to achieve their personal best and fulfill their potential. Students learning needs are met by providing a wide range of academic / co-curricular skills & competences and by reinforcing a belief in themselves that they can succeed.

VSS core teaching focus on skills, content, higher-level thinking & encourages active participation in relevant real-life experiences and is based around conversations, questioning and feedback that provides the perfect environment for outstanding education & personal development. Students are tutored through classes, debates, field trips, seminars, lectures to talk in-depth about subjects and to receive individual feedback on their work.


Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process and is a tool which aids our planning for learning. We track children’s achievement, attitude and progress closely. Children are encouraged to work with teachers to identify where they are with their learning, what their targets are, and what steps they need to take in order to achieve their targets. We set medium & short term targets which personalise their learning plans and all assessments are mapped to the student’s inherent capabilities.

Week Boarding Program:

VSS Week boarding plays a significant role in student development, even when your ward is outside the classroom, they l would continue to learn important life lessons, which they would otherwise not have access to. The 24x7, five-day week program of education & development has various advantages: lessons on self-reliance, disciplined lifestyle, more extra-curricular activities, stronger family bonding & relations, successful peer interaction and essentially growth in personality.

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