Welcome from the Chair & MD

A warm welcome to Vikram Sarabhai School.

Science & Technology has played a vital role in changing destiny of human civilisation & its pertinent to state that those with strength in Science & Technology have control on human destiny.

It’s with this intent that Vikram Sarabhai School is launched. VSS aims to bring about a holistic development in the minds of the children and expose them to the challenges of the scientific world.

We will nurture innovation, vision and resilience and equip our students with the skills that will help them solve problems. I am confident VSS will attract talented children to embark an adventurous course of scientific exploration.

Choosing the right school is amongst the most important decisions, you as parents have to make. Please take your time to talk to my team and understand VSS and its unique curriculum, facilities & a wide range of co-curricular activities.

Best Wishes,
Dr. G. Madhavan Nair



Greetings from Vikram Sarabhai School.

Our objective to provide educational excellence, isn’t confined to our responsibility to achieve high academic standards but also to foster a love of learning science. We take a balanced approach with emphasis both on subject areas & learning and development.

We are committed to promoting mutual respect, acceptance and most of all, empathy & tolerance. We encourage a sense of social responsibility and our progressive & inclusive ethos shall develop our students into successful, grounded and compassionate leaders.

We are determined to guide each student in overcoming their individual challenges by working and developing on their strengths; essentially, students will learn to embrace failures as a necessary step of growth. They will learn to be comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones and constantly challenge themselves. Practicing these values of academic excellence and personal growth will guide our pupils to live a productive & happy life. It is our belief that this passion will carry our pupils to success in whichever road they choose to travel.

I invite you to visit us and look forward to welcoming you to our family.

Dr. Indira Rajan 

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