School Governance

VSS Governance Team comprise:

Executive Committee (EC): Chaired by competent VSSF trustees and VSS Think Tank, EC is the Foundations parent body, responsible for strategic supervision in advancing and realising the Foundation’s Vision and has the key role in providing intellectual leadership in setting educational character / agenda for VSS.

EC is accountable for VSS planning, deliberation on directions & procedures related to growth, policies, finances, investments etc that will ensure the best possible education for students at our school.

The Finance Team: Undertakes the annual budgeting exercise, quarterly budget review, places checks & balance to ensure smooth cash flow, expenditure against budgets, internal auditing & evaluates CAPEX proposals for further recommendations & growth.

The Think Tank:A highly competent team comprising Thought leaders, Visionaries, Intellectuals & Educators from diverse backgrounds, the Think Tank, deliberates, proposes, develops & approves trending STEAM ideas, Continuous Professional Development programs and recommends content & activities relevant to an educational setting. The core Think Tank team shoulders the responsibility to plan, monitor, review Academic, Professional Development, Co-curricular & STEAM activities.

The SEAD Team (Student Exploration & Development Team) is the Principal’s Academics team comprising of Grade/Section Heads & other co-curricular staff. The team shoulders the ultimate responsibility of implementing, monitoring & reviewing Academic, Personal Development program, Cocurricular plans & Academic results set by the board & Education team.

School Leadership Team (SLT): chaired by the Academics Director, Principal, heads of Admin /HR , Finance & Grade Heads, is responsible for the everyday management and operational running of the school. The SLT answers to the core Think Tank team, who in turn reports to the Executive Committee (EC) of VSSF.

Interim Committees / Small Workgroups:comprising the SEAD Team heads, Teachers & members of the Student Council are formed on need-basis & report into respective functional teams.


EC meets are generally held half yearly to discuss & review strategic issues, status check on planned initiatives that are attended by core Think Tank’s, The Finance team, SLT, Functional heads & the Principal. The EC is also ultimately responsible for the finance, health & safety at the school & for the management & mitigation of risk.

THINK TANK meets (Core team only) are held quarterly, is a compliance check meet attended by the SEAD Team, primarily to discuss the execution / implementation, backlog, initiate remedial steps (if required) on Curriculum, Student outcomes & also verify Student & Teacher assessment reports.

SLT meets whatever frequency best suits their needs but once a month mandated to review progress on agreed tasks / initiatives & also deliberate on issues.

All other Teams meet with frequency best suits their needs, with prior approval from the Academics Director / Principal.

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