Early Learning Program - The Freethinking School

With a deeper commitment to take our vision forward, in 2018, VSSF has entered into a strategic partnership with Bangalore’s most innovative school, “The Freethinking school (TFS)”. TFS has set up a spacious Montessori focusing on personalised experiential learning that extends beyond classroom, to make every child a free thinker for life.

The Freethinking School

Grades: M0 / M1 / M2 / M3 – Aged 1.5 years to 6 years

The programs offered at The Freethinking School are broadly based on Montessori principles and layered with other hands-on learning experiences that will engage & involve all your child’s senses, making learning fun, real and permanent. These experiences take into consideration their multiple intelligences such as Math, Science, geography, sensorial, logical, linguistics, body kinaesthetic (dance), music, art, social etiquette, practical life and spiritual intelligence (building strong values).

At the Freethinking school, we celebrate each child’s individuality by catering to every child’s interest & aptitude, providing them with strong fundamentals for a lifetime of learning.

Programs at The Freethinking school includes,

  • Toddlers Program – M0 (aged 1.5 to 2.5 years)
  • Pre-Primary Program – M1 (aged 2.5 to 3.5 years)
  • Pre-Primary Program – M2 & M3 (aged 3.6 to 6 years)

Please click the RELATED LINKS on this page to know more about the concept & Admissions of The Freethinking School or Contact,

TFS Coordinator
Tel: +91 484 2980792 / +91 9745377792

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