Sport, Music, Arts

One of the defining features of our curriculum is the emphasis on Sports, Music and Arts. It is central to our educational goals as we firmly believe that in order to get the best out of each pupil, we must invest time and expertise in creative as well as academic subjects to develop well- rounded, open-minded and happy young adults.

We encourage students to explore and grow during their lifetime here. School league activities - Musicals, Plays and Sports are all regular features of our School calendar – that benefit learning. Students also acquire life skills such as time management, prioritizing, leadership skills, teamwork, commitment, self-esteem , confidence, interpersonal skills etc. Many of these events are open for parents to enjoy and give them the opportunity to see for themselves the results of the children’s hard work.

Integrated Development Clubs (IDC):

  • MON : Sports:  Football, Cricket (only nets), Basketball (proposed) & Tennis (proposed)
  • TUE : Theatre, Drama  by Helen O Grady + Soft Skills
  • WED :Language (Communicative & Spoken)+ Public Speaking: English, Hindi, Malayalam (7/7/7 - classes) , Foreign language from Jan 2021 onwards – French / Mandarin (9) = Total 30 classes.
  • THU :Higher Order Thinking skills (HOTS) by Edsix brain Labs / Life skills & Etiquettes -  Gardening, Cooking, Grooming, Housekeeping, Sowing etc. (6 sessions each)
  • FRI :Music:  Choir, Instruments Option – Keyboard / Guitar
  •  Community: VSS campaigns

*Orders & program may change without prior notice.

Every student is required to partake in IDC every day from 3:30Pm to 4:30PM.

o Weekend Leagues: (Optional). Training provided by Professionals on an additional fee.

  • Space Science & Math (Proposed)
  • STEAM leagues
  • Sports League: Football, Cricket, Basketball (proposed)

Tie-ups with professional outfits at VSS include M/S. Andersons Group for STEAM Programs, M/S. Edsix Brain Labs for Critical thinking techniques, M/S. Helen O Grady International that uses Developmental drama as a means to develop Communication skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, social skills etc & Individual Sports Professionals.

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