Week Boarding Program

Providing an environment in which children are engaged, active and interested, is just one of many advantages of attending a boarding school. It is also vital to provide the sort of environment - and support systems - that promote good mental health and life skills, building resilience, resourcefulness, and social confidence. Doing this in the face of distractions from electronic gadgets and phones, can be a challenge, particularly when both parents work.

Our benchmarked standards along with quality education and excellent accommodation & facilities are expected to provide an all-round exceptional educational experience.

Explore the benefits of VSS Week Boarding program:

A first-class education: The core advantage is the offer of a best in class education, an education that is highly individualised, matching the needs and abilities of each student. The smaller class groups at our boarding would ensure no student gets marginalised, overlooked or poorly supported & further reinforced by the fact that teaching staff in boarding schools make themselves available for extra study, coaching and mentoring when needed.

Great Evening / Weekend Activities: Our students can expect a varied balance of evening / weekend activities. From Football to Cricket and Tennis to Public speaking, VSS weekly boarding won’t grow bored outside of study time. The wide variety of activities on offer during afternoons, evening and weekends (full residential students) helps children become more creative and confident, even helping inspire and develop skills for use in future careers. VSS encourage children to have the chance to interact and share with fellow pupils while learning new skills and trying out new activities.

An Indian cultural & traditional experience: We welcome students from varied faiths, states, nationalities, creating a unique cultural melting point. Understanding how to relate to other pupils, while learning new skills & talent is the essence of our boarding program. Moreover, teaching traditional values alongside a modern education, we believe, will stand our pupils in good stead for the future in relation to the development of valuable life skills.

Bringing Value to family life & a “Family Feel” to education: One of the key benefits of children going to boarding school is that it relieves the pressure on parents who face heavy work commitments, or who have younger children or children with additional needs to care for. Knowing your child is being nurtured and well educated can be a huge relief.

The time spent together at weekends or in the school holidays can then become true “quality time”. It’s enormously reassuring though, to know that the child residing in boarding school is not completely divorced from a “family” atmosphere.

Our Week Boarding program takes this very seriously. The aim is always to keep students comfortable and content in their daily life. House Parents provide an authentically empathetic and fun atmosphere. In fact, all members of the VSS staff team see the students as an extension of their own family – including the friendly and helpful cleaners!

VSS Week boarding program is mandated for all students from Garde IV onwards, is packed with activities & sports that the students are passionate about , each day is tailored to bring the best in the students , plus it’s a lot of fun..

Look this space for further update in the 2022-2023 schooling year.

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